Flight Delay Damages Compensation Is a Reality

Anyone who has ever experienced the frustration of flight delays and even flight cancellations are now able to make the most of a fresh European Union (EU) law which permits anyone who has been inconvenienced in this manner to flight delay damages.

The EU law, called the Denied Boarding Regulation, means the airline must pay flight delay damages to you according to an agreed scale of payments. The settlement can be anything up to 600 Euros, depending on lots of conditions, per individual impacted by the postponement or cancellation. The great news is you could maintain for flight delays and cancellations six years going back.

The Refused Boarding Regulation directive applies to all and any flights made to another airport from any airport within the European Union. This is irrespective of the airline involved. The law also applies to any flight from an airport that is outside the European Union but which is bound for an airport inside the European Union, so long as the airline concerned is an European airline (in other words, licenced to run in any EU state and recognised by all European Union member states).

The amount of flight delay damages paid out is quantified according to two broad standards, and these are the duration of the delay and the span of the flight. The span of the flight is classified according to recognized standards and present, into medium draw, short draw, and long haul flights. The definition of each of these is below:

Short draw – any flight up to 1,500 kilometres (932 miles)
Moderate draw – any flight between 1,500 kilometres and 3,500 kilometres (2,175 miles)
Long haul – any flight more than kilometres 3,500

The other standards determining the sum of damages, the length of the delay, changes the degree of payout in the sum payable by the airline is reduced by 50% if the delay (as quantified by the arrival time at the official destination of the flight) is less than two hours in brief draw instances, less than three hours in moderate draw instances, and less than four hours in instances where it’s a long haul flight. For reasons that are apparent, if the flight is cancelled completely it will not qualify for the 50% decrease in payout.

Here one can find some uncertainties may be coming concerning what makes up an encounter that is considered worthy of such damages. Carrier, or the airline, has a bearing on whether a valid claim may be made, as is the period of the flight and the destination airport, the beginning airport and the nature and duration of the delay. So see if your flight delay damages claim is successful and the fastest method to see if a claim is valid would be to enter all details anyhow.