Finest Man Made Attractions For Luxury Vacations in Dubai

Dubai is among the most visited destinations of the world both by leisure travelers and business travelers. Most leisure travelers come to Dubai as a result of various man made attractions which were created with the aid of technological progress in Dubai. The best part is that as the travel business has evolved so have the various conveniences meant for travelers. During vacations in Dubai from high-end star resorts to the budget motor hotels you’ll be able to find lodging to suit different budgets. At exactly the same time, you additionally have a selection of serviced and furnished apartments where you are able to cook your own meals.

Best Time to See

The climate of Dubai is a hot and dry desert climate with temperatures. Of course all the indoor facilities in Dubai are air conditioned but with such high temperatures there will be little relaxation in outdoor activities. Therefore if you want to love Dubai to the fullest afterward the winter months from November to February are the finest time of the year. Currently, the climate here is reasonable as every Dubai tourist guide will let you know and you’ll be able to appreciate both indoor and outdoor enjoyment.

Major Attractions of the City

The most well-known attraction of Dubai is the desert safari. There’s a different allure to the desert just like other components of nature and with the desert safari you are going to have the capacity to experience the desert surroundings that is real.

The Burj Khalifa is the only Seven Star Hotel in the tallest building as well as the world. Aside from really being a luxury place to stay for the well heeled travelers it’s also a tourist attraction in itself.

If it’s sand and sunshine which you are seeking then you should head to the Atlantis and Jumeirah shores which bring the tourists that are maximum during winter. While you’re here you can not indulge as invisible from the ocean

The Dubai fountain is another guy made draw that’s a marvel in this parched desert land. This fountain is the biggest in the world and is choreographed to music that is wonderful.

The Atlantis resort is another draw which has several things like water sports and a live aquarium which can be appreciated in a luxury setting. A visit to this resort is generally part of most Dubai holiday packages.

Travel Essentials

The visa formalities for entering most folks get visa on coming and this emirate are fairly easy here. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind breach of any one of them can land you in serious trouble and the laws of this state are quite severe. Thus it’s advisable to understand the dos and don’ts here. Additionally it is advisable to take some summer clothing because you’re not likely to want woolens in winter months.


There are many lodging choices in Dubai as mentioned previously. Some Dubai tour packages include lodging arrangements according to necessity and your budget. You’ve got a choice between star luxury resorts, budget hotels and serviced apartments.