An Impeccable Testimony of Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

I arrived on the 17th of March at the Dubai International Airport. Our business forms a biannual meeting where our headquarters are based where workers from throughout the world meet up in Dubai. We then observe successes, plan the future course for the year and usually socialize with each other. This time, it was held in Hotel Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, on Palm Jumeirah. A touch of heaven in heaven.

A Mercedes S500 was waiting at the airport for me. The chauffeur was friendly and extremely courteous. As I sat in the car I was served with appreciative appetiser: dates and Kava. A leaflet and chilly towels were handed out. I ‘d a palatial ride to the Resort. Check in was fairly smooth. As I set foot in the resort and having finished all the formalities I was immediately allowed access to the high speed Wifi which was accessible throughout reception and the lounge, social media and I contacted to touch base with my other co-workers.

The staff was courteous and extremely urbane, additionally approachable. The clerk immediately seen me to my room on the 15th floor in the Imperial Club Lounge. Personalized service offered from the second entered, in the lounge and the exclusive advantages were magnificent. The day joy including a wonderful combination of herbs and fresh spices which make the tea enchanting and totally rejuvenating are appreciated on the patio of the Imperial Club Lounge. I relished the morning breakfasts served daily from 7 to 11. The breathtaking view of the Dubai Marina Skyline from the Royal Beach of Atlantis was just ‘je ne sais quoi’. The feeling relaxed and being actually chilled made the shore an exceptional working environment.

We dined on the first night, at the kaleidoscope that is a luxurious buffet of international and local cuisine. We took our lunch at the Yuan that is a traditional Chinese restaurant with the luxurious interior inspired by classic Chinese elements that create a sense of balance and harmony. The sweet & sour chicken is a trademark Chinese forte with the sour and sweet flavors of pear, pineapple and honey accompanied with zucchini and bell peppers which make it incredibly charming. Our brunch was at Poseidon Cafe with a dazzling view of the Ambassador Lagoon. As for me, I adored the extensive variety of macaroons it is undoubtedly a must have. The sandwiches are a significant treat and also have a delectable flavor. Overall, I had a nice relaxing time at this wonderful resort.

In brief, the company jaunt at the Hotel Atlantis The Palm Dubai, was exciting, hugely brilliant and swashbuckling, and I’m in no doubt that it’s among the finest Dubai Seven Star Resorts.